Aug. 1st, 2016

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There's a lot of false equivalences in media coverage of politics today.

One of those going on right now is putting unfortunate things Hillary Clinton has said up against the unfortunate things Donald Trump has said. There are lots of reasons the equivalences are false, but one difference inspired a clever turn of phrase for me.

There is ample video record of bother Trump and Clinton saying things their supporters would rather they hadn't. The difference is Clinton said these things five hairstyles ago, while Trump said them yesterday.

Which got me thinking. Political men tend to look substantially the same: wear the same suits, have the same haircut, etc., throughout their careers. They don't wear jewelry or obvious makeup, so that doesn't change over time to match current fashion either. A woman 20 years into her political career basically looks like an entirely person person.

Does this give women an unfair advantage in that the video record of some of their past peccadillos doesn't actually strike a chord with the public because the person they're looking at in those pictures isn't the same person they see today?
yonihamagid: (that one)
Again on the subject of false equivalances, if the Democratic base is as disappointed in it's candidate as the Republican leadership is of theirs, where's all the resignation letters from Democratic Party members leaving in a huff because Hillary is so awful a human being?


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